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Sample Reports

At Home Analyzers, we break the inspection report into two parts for your convenience: 

The summary report is an overview of the primary findings observed during the inspection.  It categorically describes the condition of the homes major systems.  All defects are called out in red font to easily draw the reader’s attention to the issue.  Lesser critical issues that may not require immediate attention are noted as summary information items.  We integrate digital pictures into our reports and annotate them to provide additional clarity to the defect. This document is typically 3 to 5 pages long and is an effective tool used to assist the buyer and their real estate agent in developing a repair request prior to closing on the house.

The full report is a much longer document that reports major finding, but also provides additional system specifications and room-by-room reporting.  This document can exceed 30 pages in length and is intended to provide the most critical buyer with the level of detail they should expect.

To download the reports just click on the links below: ​

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